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Snack Time: Healthy Choices for Snacking

Thu Sep 16

It seems safe to say that snacks are a good thing.

They’re those delightful mini-meals that keep you from absolutely losing it when the afternoon stomach growls decide to put in an appearance. Plus there are so many options to choose from.

That said, having all those options can present a few obstacles in the way of eating healthy. Especially since so many yummy snacks really aren’t. And while there’s nothing wrong with choosing those on occasion, they’re not something that we should be eating every day.

Fortunately, there are also a lot of healthy and delicious (that’s key) options that will keep you going till dinner time. Or lunchtime. Stomachs also make their displeasure known in midmorning, you know.

No one likes that. Eat these.

Hummus with Veggies

hummus snack

You don’t want to go about eating the whole tub, but this delicious dip is an excellent choice if a healthy snack is what you’re looking for

Not only does it have plenty of vitamins and protein, but it also pairs well with a lot of veggies. Carrots and celery are a classic choice, but definitely give red bell peppers a try. Those are rich in antioxidants like beta carotene and just one can give you your daily dose of vitamin C three times over.

Nut butter with fruit

Fruit and nut butter


Another snack that can be healthy in moderation (you don’t want to go overboard) is some fruit with nut butter. Nut butter can be a bit up there in terms of calories, but they also have healthy fats and can fill you up rather nicely.

Plus, have you tried peanut butter and banana? It’s a gift, I tell you. A gift.

If bananas aren’t a favorite of yours, apple slices are also a great choice. And if you really want to tie your snack together, feel free to add a slice of wholewheat English muffin or a slice of toast.

Greek yogurt with berries

greek yogurt


All of the antioxidants and fiber of berries combined with protein and calcium coming from greek yogurt. What’s not to love? This snack is creamy and satisfying enough to get you through to your next meal.

And, while berries are a personal favorite (particularly raspberries) don’t be afraid to try mixing other things with your yogurt. You can add chia seeds, nuts, bananas, even cocoa nibs.


chia seed pudding snack

Mind you, with this one, I’m not talking about those pudding cups we all got in our lunch boxes as kids (nostalgic as that may be). With this entry, I’m referring to flaxseed and chia seed pudding. 

They’re easy to make, tasty, and healthy! You can find simple recipes here and here.

Caprese salad

caprese salad

It might be an unexpected option, but who doesn’t love the excuse to eat more cheese? If you have some tomatoes lying around, pairing them with mozzarella cheese and basil can give you a delicious jolt of flavor… and nutrients.

Tomatoes are high in the antioxidant lycopene (among other good things) while mozzarella brings protein and calcium to the table.  When you put them together with some basil, you get a filling snack with flavor for days.

Roasted chickpeas or kale chips

kale chips

Sweet is good, but sometimes savory is what the palate craves. When those instances roll around, toasted chickpeas or kale chips are good options. You can season them however makes you happy (oregano? Curry powder? Garlic?) for the flavor you crave with plenty of nutrients tossed in for good measure.